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Tim Williams shares progress at Copmanthorpe Primary School in York


A New Academic Year at Copmanthorpe School, York


After an excellent Summer (including some major electrical work and a new classroom being established at school) it’s all hands back on deck at Copmanthorpe. We’d dispatched last year’s Year Sixes off to their respective secondaries armed with their One Page Profiles. The children developed their profiles over the year with an eye to secondary transition (and in consultation with Tadcaster Grammar School). They felt that the new tool enabled them to discretely express concerns, preferences and aspirations about their new schools which their new teachers could quickly pick up on. Tadcaster Grammar were keen to update their transition procedure to incorporate One Page Profiles.


Back at Copmanthorpe, the One Page Profiles are now being used in every year group except FS and they have given us the opportunity to ‘meet’ our new children before the term starts. It’s made a big difference to us as we’re a large school and some of our children, particularly in Upper School move between teachers during the school day. I have worked with teachers already this year who have analysed the traits and preferences expressed in the One Page Profiles to plan their classroom organisation and personalise learning experiences for each child. Our next step will be the children beginning to update and write new profiles for this year.