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Ross Griffin is Year 6 Leader at Oxley Park Academy in Milton Keynes


Parental Involvement

On Tuesday 30th April, Oxley Park Academy celebrated its first Twilight session for all parents introducing them to the world of One Page Profiles. An encouraging turn out involving parents with children from across both key stages attended to learn more about the significant impact One Page Profiles are having on their child’s learning.

The session began with a like and admire activity where all parents had an opportunity to say something positive about their child. This allowed all to see the significant impact Oxley Park Academy was having on developing and enhancing children’s learning. This was swiftly followed by a brief introduction outlining what a One Profile actually was. To help explain this concept, Miss Warren (A Year Six Teacher) displayed her own profile on the visualiser. The different headings were clearly explained outlining the obvious distinction between ‘What is important to’ and ‘How to support?’ Showing a real life example was a fantastic way of ‘bringing to life’ this new initiative.

Having understood what a One Page Profile looks like, parents were informed of the purpose behind the concept. The importance of individualising learning for all children and ensuring that teachers and staff are better aware of every child’s needs to ensure each and every child and succeed was iterated as a key aim in the development on profiles throughout the school. It was however highlighted that personalisation through One Page Profiles is something to be achieved every day and not just on ‘transition’ days.

The meeting then went on the focus on why and how One Page Profiles will be used at Oxley Park Academy. The importance of personalising learning was once again brought to the forefront as was the need for all educational practitioners to understand that every child is different and hence learns in different ways. As a Year 6 teacher, I am only too aware of the need to develop children’s individual strengths in helping to prepare them for their transition to Secondary school.

Linked to this was the discussion on how we planned to use One Page Profiles.  We explained to parents how every child in the school by the end of this term will have their very own One Page Profile. This will be kept in a class file to be reviewed as part of an on-going process. Children’s profiles will be used by all teachers to teach that child in ensuring that planning is more personalised and focused to ensure greater progress not just academically but also socially and personally. As one great headmaster once quoted, ‘education is about educating the whole child.’

The meeting was brought to a conclusion with emphasising the important role parents will have in the implementation of One Page Profiles. Especially within lower years, the creation and adaptation of the Profile requires involvement from parents and teachers alike. It is a team effort rather than an individualised approach. It was agreed that regular meetings would take place between parents and teachers to discuss their One Page Profile. Indeed it was hoped by many that one day all meeting s involving his or her’s education would start with a One Page Profile.