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We are producing a wide range of resources with schools to support personalisation in education. Our resources are developed with HSA Press.


  • A film about one-page profiles
  • An animation about one-page profiles



Here are some one-page profile templates that can be printed off and completed.

  1. One-page profile template 1
  2. One-page profile template 2
  3. One-page profile template 3
  4. One-page profile template 4
  5. One-page profile template 5
  6. One-page profile postcard – front
  7. One-page profile postcard – back
  8. One-page profile bookmark – front
  9. One-page profile bookmark – back

Worksheets to use with families (primary school)

  1. Worksheet 1
  2. Worksheet 2
  3. Worksheet 3
  4. Worksheet 4
  5. Worksheet 5
  6. Worksheet 6
  7. Worksheet 7
  8. Worksheet 8
  9. Worksheet 9
  10. Worksheet 10
  11. Worksheet 11
  12. Worksheet 12


  1. Appreciation stickers to print


This is the workbook used on our course about one-page profiles in primary school

One-page profiles in schools – by Tabitha Smith, Liz Wilson and Helen Sanderson. It is available as part of the training on one-page profiles.


Using Person-Centred Practices in School

One Plan for 0-25 Education, Health and Care

Person-centred reviews in primary schools

Person-centred reviews in secondary schools

Recommended books

These are available from HSA Press

Person-centred approaches in schools by Pippa Murray and Helen Sanderson

This book describes what a person-centred approach means in special schools.

Celebrating Families by Helen Sanderson and Maye Taylor

This book is written for all families, and explains and illustrates with stories and examples how person-centred thinking tools can enhance family life. Useful to get for parents involved in the school to introduce the concepts behind person-centred practices.