One-page profiles


Summary of this person-centered thinking tool

One-page profiles are a summary of:

  • what people like and admire about the pupil (using the Appreciation tool)
  • what is important to them (using several of the tools)
  • how best to support them (using several of the tools).

These profiles are a way of getting started with person-centred practices by gathering specific information about individuals that can inform the foundation of personalised school support. One-page profiles can be used to record information about what is important to pupils in a particular setting, such as in school or after-school clubs. It is important to remember that this approach isn’t only about delivering what is important to the pupil; we all have a balance in our lives of what is important TO us (happy, content and fulfilled) and what is important FOR us (healthy, safe, valued and having every opportunity to learn). In working with pupils we are looking to discover what support they need to have that balance both important TO and important FOR them at home and at school.

One-page profile

Read some examples of one-page profiles.

See the resource section for profile templates.

Benefits for pupils

  • A one-page profile can be used to gather information about a pupil in a particular setting so that everyone knows what makes sense to and for them. A full picture is created that provides invaluable information for all those involved with that child.
  • They are very helpful at times of transition to enable the new teaching staff and/or school support team or supply teachers to get to know the pupil quickly.
  • As a way of enabling people to see the pupil as an individual – people can quickly understand what matters to them.
  • To ensure that any decisions are made in the context of what matters to the pupil as well as what is important for them to be healthy, safe, valued and having opportunities to learn.
  • To enable the school to identify any adjustments that could help the pupil to have a ‘better day’ – these are often small things that have a big impact.
  • To identify how to provide the right support at the right time in the right way in order for pupils to make optimum progress, irrespective of their starting point.
  • From a one-page profile you can then learn what is working and not working to create actions for positive change.
  • As the beginning of a more detailed person-centred description or support plan, or inform CV’s, personal statements and career plans.
  • Pupils can use them to support their application to be a member of the school council, or introductions to other opportunities or settings.

Benefits for parents

  • Parents should contribute to the profile, thus helping the staff to get to know their child and sharing their expertise about how to support their child well.
  • To enable parents to be involved in planning any supports for their child.
  • To reassure parents at times of transition – this may be when their child is moving to a new school or a new class within the same school. It means that new staff can ensure strategies are in place to get the support right from the start for that child.
  • As a way of parents feeling listened to and respected for their expertise in their child’s life.

Benefits for school staff and teams

  • Enables school staff to get know new pupils quickly and can therefore ensure that teaching and learning is personalised from the outset, avoiding the transition ‘dips’ in progress.
  • A short time invested in reading a one-page profile can lead to smoother lessons for all.
  • Each staff member should also have a one-page profile. This enables managers and teams to know each team member well, and how to support each other well.
  • People feel listened to.
  • Can be used and added to in one-to-ones and supervision sessions to record what else we are learning about the staff member and update how to support them.
  • From a one-page profile you can then learn what is working and not working for the staff member or team as a whole to inform positive change.
  • Can be used to start a person-centred team plan.
  • Can be used to inform staff Individual Development Plans and to support focused performance management meetings.

Benefits for others

  • One-page profiles of Governors help them to get to know each other and think how best to work together.