Learning Log


Summary of this person-centered thinking tool

A Learning Log is a simple way to record learning and information about a pupil, to continuously improve how we deliver personalised learning and support. It can replace other daily records, or be used to structure home-school books.

Learning Logs help us think about what needs to stay the same and what needs to change to support the pupil in different situations. This information can also help us understand what is important to a pupil. It can be used in a formative way, helping people understand how best to support pupils on a day-to-day basis and therefore to enhance their effective learning opportunities and optimise progress. Learning Logs can be used in a summative way, helping people put all the information together on a new one-page profile or to help review a current one.

Learning Log

Benefits for pupils

  • Develops our understanding of how to deliver personalised school support.
  • To enable the school to identify any adjustments that could help the pupil to have better support or learning opportunities.
  • To identify where support might be required in order for pupils to learn effectively and therefore maximise progress.
  • Adults can learn what support is helpful and what needs to be different and make positive changes based on this information.

Benefits for parents

  • Parents can add their knowledge to the Learning Log and contribute to staff getting to know their child and planning the best supports for their child.
  • To reassure and alleviate anxieties parents may have at times of transition.
  • As a means for parents to learn what supports work best for their child in school and finding out what staff have learned about their child as they have got to know them over time.

Benefits for school staff and teams

  • Enables staff to record the rich detailed information they often have in their heads so that others can benefit from this and it can be passed on.
  • Can support adults reflecting on a situation and enable them to make positive changes based on this information.
  • Recording information helps us remember – we can then use this record to help us draw up a one-page profile or review a current one.
  • Staff may be able to spot patterns in the information gathered which can lead to a better understanding of how best to support the pupil.

Benefits for others

  • Information that is learned about the whole school could be shared with Governors to inform the school development plan.
  • Could be used to reflect on activities from the perspective of the whole school community.