Community Contributions


Summary of this person-centered thinking tool

This tool is a way to map out how connected pupils are within their local community and the nature of their connection. This provides an opportunity to look at where the person spends their time (outside their home) and explore whether they are simply present, or participating, connecting and contributing.

Community contributions

Benefits for pupils

  • A way for pupils to think about and understand who they are within the wider context of the local and national community.
  • A way to think about what it would take to extend the places where the pupil goes; what is working and not working about where they go, and develop actions to change anything that is not working.
  • A way to think about how the pupil could contribute to community life and what opportunities could be created to connect and develop relationships.

Benefits for parents

  • Helps them to see their child in the context of their local community and reflect on how they are part of this community.

Benefits for school staff

  • A way to map places where staff and the school can make a community contribution. It can identify where there may be opportunities to share resources or have mutually beneficial relationships.
  • See where there could be greater connections and the possible benefits of this.

Benefits for others

  • Mapping contributions and connections within the community can inform the school development plan. For example, are there ways and places where the school could make a greater contribution to civic life?