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Paula Coppins is Headteacher of Manor Farm Community Infant School in Buckinghamshire and Marianne Selby- Boothryd is Vice Chair of Governors.



Introducing One Page Profiles to Manor Farm Community Infant School

Manor Farm Infant School is based in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire. The school has 225 pupils who start in the foundation stage going through to the end of key stage 1. The schools motto is “Together We Grow” and all the staff at the school are committed to supporting children from the beginning of their education to enjoy, be interested and be proud of their achievements in learning.

The use of Person Centred Approaches was first introduced to the staff in 2012 with a team development session in the summer term on the use of One Page Profiles. This was followed up with an inset day session at the beginning of the autumn term for the staff to start developing their own team plan. In January 2013, the team spent another inset day learning about and practising Action Learning Sets as well as the basic principles of Positive and Productive meetings. The energy, commitment and increasingly the knowledge and awareness of person centred tools has seen a drive to ensure that every child has a one page profile in place by the end of the Summer Term 2013.

The school has taken a gentle approach to introducing One Page Profiles, focusing initially on the children coming into the school. The families of current reception children were all asked prior to starting in September to complete a question sheets about the things the children like to do at home as well as the support they need with day to day tasks. This was followed up in the first few weeks of term with the use of “special boxes” – boxes taken home and filled up with things that are important to each child (photos, toys, swimming badges etc). The knowledge gained through discussions about the special boxes as well as the use of circletime has enabled the Foundation stage staff to start building up good information about what is important to each child as well as what support they need whilst at school.

Across the whole school, each class has spent time working with the children to complete what they like and admire about each other. One class did it in the style of an Olympics ceremony, another class spent time making stars and then writing on them what their classmates like about them. To date the like and admire section has only been completed in school so only has the input of classmates as opposed to family and other friends. The exercise was carried out during P4C sessions as well as literacy, speaking and listening lessons.

Similar to other settings, consistently getting good quality, detailed information is variable. The staff team are working with a very young group of children and are still discovering the best ways to engage and involve them. The plan is for each child to have a completed One Page Profile that will go home with their end of year report, it will also follow the child into their next year so that their new teacher can get to know them more easily and quickly.

What’s our action plan?

  • The headteacher and Chair and Vice Chair of Governors will all develop their own One Page Profiles to be shared with the rest of the school during the summer term.
  • The headteacher will hold a session with teaching staff on using the “what is important to me now” sheets in the One Page Profiles in Schools – a guide[1] to support the development of good quality information. The Manchester Grammar School checklist will also be used to generate better understanding.
  • Staff will be invited to develop and share their One Page Profiles with their class.
  • Profiles will be quality checked before use
  • Further planning will take place about incorporating family contributions as part of the process.

We are still in the very early stages of using One Page Profiles in Manor Farm Infant School and are hoping for a big leap over the next couple of months. The enthusiasm and excitement from both children and staff is tangible however and we are looking forward to sharing our results!


[1] One Page Profiles in Schools – a guide. Helen Sanderson, Tabitha Smith and Liz Wilson