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One-page profiles


A one-page profile is a simple way to start personalising education. It is a person-centred thinking tool that provides a way to capture who each pupil is and how best to support them – as far as is possible on one page.

There are three sections in a one-page profile:

‘Appreciation’ – what people appreciate about the pupil, their character, gifts and talents

‘What is important to’ – what matters to them, from their perspective, about school and life

‘How to support’ – the ‘expertise’ from family, teachers and other staff about how to get the best out of the pupil (and the pupil themselves of course)

One-Page Profiles can be developed and updated throughout the school year and as part of the curriculum.

Here is a graphic summary of one-page profiles used term-by-term in a primary school.

Here is a graphic of how a secondary school is developing and using one-page profiles throughout the school year

Quality and one-page profiles

One-page profiles are deceptively simple. It is vital to start with a clear understanding of the headings and quality standards related to them. We recommend training for staff who will be developing and using one-page profiles.

The one-page profile summary in the one-page profiles in schools workbook – headings

The one-page profile summary of standards in the one-page profiles in schools workbook

The Manchester Grammar School info/quality on one-page profiles

Read some examples of one-page profiles that have been developed with children and young people of different ages, in different countries. These examples show how this tool can meet different situations, from recording what a child needs in class to resolving teenage ‘angst’.