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Norris Bank Primary School – Tabitha Smith is the Inclusion Co-ordinator and acting Deputy Head at Norris Bank Primary School in Stockport.


The ‘One-Page Profiles’ Film

We are all really excited about the prospect of the One-Page Profile project being filmed at Norris Bank. What an honour! We have been approached to be part of this project, to ‘spread the word’ about the role that One-Page Profiles can play in a mainstream school.

As I wanted all members of staff to feel informed and involved in the process of the filming, I met with our Teaching Assistants and explained how I would like them to be on the film. This is especially important as our TAs were pivotal in collecting information about the children on a 1:1 basis. I have reported how beneficial they found this process in previous Blog entries.

Then yesterday we held our staff meeting, dedicating the whole session to why the film is being made, and how the teachers need to play a key part in it.

I recapped the development of One-Page Profiles here at school:

  • Using specially designed sheets and class based activities we collect information about the children; ‘important to’ and ‘like and admire’.
  • Combining this with parental contributions, we create an informative and positive portrait of the child.
  • Referring to the knowledge that the children have of themselves, and the knowledge that the parents and the teachers have, we can create a picture of the whole child.

We discussed the very positive impact the whole process has on the social and emotional, as well as academic development of our pupils.

  • Social development: for the child, the parents, the TA’s and the teachers.
  • Emotional development: for the child and their parents.
  • Educational: for the child and their teachers.
  • To see the child as a whole person, not just as ‘a pupil’.

We then moved on to remind everyone how this is now an integral part of the academic year.

  • Spring term PHSE unit ‘It’s good to be me’ is an opportunity to revisit, revise, edit and adapt the postcard. Practical and easy, yet meaningful.
  • Spring term parents evening, opportunity for parents to read and add to.
  • Summer term in preparation for transfer to a new teacher, create a new Profile, using the updated information from the Spring term. Done as part of the work on transition – ‘what does your new teacher need to know about you….?’
  • New profile handed on to the new teacher, by the child on the ‘meet the teacher’ day. Essential and relevant information for the new teacher to have.
  • Previous, edited Profile sent home in the report.
  • Autumn term parents evening opportunity for parents to read and add to.
  • Specific children may have their profiles more to hand for supply teachers etc.
  • Bookmarks can be developed throughout the school year to focus on reading skills, and as a lovely way in, for adult reading helpers to get to know the child better.

All the staff discussed how they find the whole process, and the impact that it has on the class. Our PHSE coordinator talked about how this approach is central to developing the SEAL curriculum (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning), as well as the Every Child Matters Agenda.

Although I am keen to stay in the background of the film, I know who I want to play a lead role! Watch this space to find out who the celebrity voice over will be!