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Norris Bank Primary School – Tabitha Smith is the Inclusion Co-ordinator and acting Deputy Head at Norris Bank Primary School in Stockport


We have had a great training day today, rolling out one page profiles throughout both primary and secondary schools in the local authority on an official footing. I worked with Helen, Vicky and colleagues from Manchester Grammar School to inform enthuse and motivate over 20 schools.

A few months ago schools were invited to attend an information finding session, where we gave an overview of profiles and outlined the training package available. At this session we had a really positive turnout of Stockport schools. Information packs were handed out which included a wide range of resources. Schools were then given the opportunity to give a commitment to the project. The number of schools wanting to be part of this project is really encouraging.

Stockport have made this commitment to support one page profiles in all schools as they really see the benefits for pupils; both mainstream and SEN pupils alike. Their vision is that all pupils across the authority will have a one page profile, and those with special needs will have a more detailed profile as part of the 0 to 25 plan. Helen and I have worked closely with Ian Denegani from the SEN department at the LA who has been so encouraging, supportive and forward thinking. It has been refreshing working with Ian to move the profile project onwards and upwards.

It was lovely having both primary and secondary colleagues working alongside each other today; there is so much good practice that we can learn from each other. The presentations were a mix of general advice applicable to both sectors and also specific time to focus on either primary or secondary. The challenges are very different but having the opportunity to work with colleagues who have developed profiles proved to be essential.

Today’s session was very well attended by Head teachers, SENCos and PHSE coordinators. The day was a mix of presentation, market place discussions, group reflection and individual school planning. Those attending had the opportunity the plan how they will introduce one page profiles into their school, they learned effective ways to gather information and how to present that information, as well as what ‘good’ profiles look like. The discussions generated throughout the day were very positive, with space to raise concerns and questions.

Staff went away with a clear plan of action, clearly supported by the local authority. More half day training sessions are being offered in June and July, as well as specialist advice for schools. In the new academic year, this group of schools will be part of developing person centred reviews, with more very specialist training being offered.

In summary: a very positive day marking the start of innovative work across the local authority.