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Norris Bank Primary School – Tabitha Smith is the Inclusion Co-ordinator and acting Deputy Head at Norris Bank Primary School in Stockport.


One page profiles across the whole school

This week, Helen and I presented our project of one page profiles to the whole staff, at our weekly staff meeting. Helen and I met a couple of times before hand, to plan out the ‘running order’ of the meeting.

We decided to split the meeting into three main sections:

First we gave an overview of the project in relation to the Every Child Matters agenda, the Special Educational Needs code of practice, as well as the Putting People First initiative. Helen talked a little about the Government agenda to place a higher emphasis on personalised planning and how this translates to schools.

Then we used the person centred thinking tool ‘Four plus One’ to describe what we have tried and learned, what we are pleased about and concerned about.

We shared all the work we had done developing one page profiles withNBfebblog three different classes, as well as how we have started to use person centred reviews to replace the traditional Individual Education Plan reviews.

We talked about the use of hopes and aspirations stars (Link to previous blog) and how this had been built into parents evenings, and the sticker charts with specific praise was discussed. All the staff who had been involved in these projects were given the opportunity to share their views and ideas.

We openly shared the things that we had learned, the main one being how the development of one page profiles must be built into the curriculum, and not just a bolt on. We were very pleased with some aspects, especially the uptake of one page profiles to make a positive contribution to transition, both within the school and for those moving onto High School. Our concerns were based on needing the project to be built into the whole school ethos, and that we need to have teachers on board with the ideas, and to be committed to using the Profiles throughout the year. It must be seen as so much more than a ‘mere flash in the pan’.

The third part of the meeting was spent mapping out how one page profiles can be used throughout the year, and how at different times they will have a different emphasis. We will be writing this up to share this.

Finally, we invited each teacher to think about how they personally could be involved in developing one page profiles throughout the school, and how they wanted to start with this. There are some great ideas, including having one page profiles on a restricted part of the school website, with access just for the family and the child. We will keep you posted on how this is developing and hope to be the first mainstream primary school that incorporates one page profiles throughout the curriculum, and school year, for children and staff.