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Norris Bank Primary School – Tabitha Smith is the Inclusion Co-ordinator and acting Deputy Head at Norris Bank Primary School in Stockport.


Creating One Page Profiles with every child in school.

Between now and the end of term we are working hard to create one page profiles for every child in the school. To help us to do this, we asked for parents to help us by coming into class and doing one to one sessions with children. Last Friday we held a training session for the parent volunteers and all the Teaching Assistants, and then the teachers.

juneblogEach class will have a Teaching Assistant and parent volunteer who will have one to one sessions with each child to learn about what is important to them. We began the training session by asking everyone to share something that they liked and admired about their child. We used the new workbook, and used to information gathering sheets for people to use to begin a one page profile for their own child. This gave a snapshot of the process. Having experienced this process, we went through the purpose of one page profiles, how to collect and sort the information, the timeframe for collecting the information, and what their role would be.

Then we met with the teachers. This meeting was more of an administrative meeting, as the majority of these teachers had been at the staff meeting that we ran back in February. We explained how the teacher can support and contribute to the information gathering process, and we also explained what role the teaching assistants and the parent helpers would play.

Here is the process we are using:

• We start with one to one sessions with each child, using the information gathering sheets from the workbook

• We ask parent/carers to fill in the ‘stars’ sheet about appreciations, and the ‘Top Tips’ sheet

• Teachers and Teaching Assistants add their information to this and create the first draft of the one page profile

• The draft goes home for the child and parents to check, amend and add to.

• The final version then goes back to parents at the end of term, and becomes an important part of sharing information from the current class teacher to the new class teacher.

The process was launched today – all adults involved have been informed, the letter has gone out to parents, and now the 1:1 information can be collected. I will let you know how we get on in a few weeks time.

We are going to repeat this next year, but start a bit earlier! I know that there is lots we will learn as we do this, and that we can improve on this, and continue to embed one page profiles in the curriculum and focus on adding to the profiles over the year.

Click this link to view a copy of the booklet – One Page Profiles in Schools: A Guide.