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Norris Bank Primary School – Tabitha Smith is the Inclusion Co-ordinator and acting Deputy Head at Norris Bank Primary School in Stockport.


What parents have told us through Working Together for Change

As I explained last month, we have encouraged parents to continue their involvement in the school via our Parents Evening and the Parents Forum using the Working Together for Change format. In October, parents were encouraged to write down comments covering three areas: the things that we do well (what is working, the things we could do differently/more of/better (what is not working)and an opportunity to ask questions abut the school(questions to answer). The comments made during Parents Evening were anonymous and parents wrote them on cards as they came in. At the Parents Forum we asked parents to write their comments on cards and then I clustered them with parents and addressed as many of the ‘questions to answer’ as I could. I learned that anonymous comments can be more blunt!

All of the comments – 85 in total – have been collated and categorised. Of the 85 total comments, an amazing 52 were extremely positive. The others we have been sorted into those comments and questions that can be answered with information, and those questions and comments that require us to take action. It was interesting that some areas(for example reading) were both on the ‘things we do well’ side and the ‘things we could do differently’ side. There will always be issues in school that some parents feel we do well and other parents feel we can do differently.

A sample of the positives are:

  • ‘NBPS is like a big family – pleased to be part of it!!’
  • ‘Well organised.  Positive experience. Thanks.’
  • ‘Great enthusiastic teaching assistants, reader-helpers, make all the difference.  A big thank you.’
  • ‘Friendly atmosphere.’
  • ‘Photograph board – wonderful’
  • ‘Reading skills challenged towards child’s potential.’
  • ‘Imaginative teaching.’

A sample of the issues causing concern are:

  • ‘Please can the Year 5′s play football on the field at lunch times.  It’s not fair.’
  • ‘For Reception class I feel that one book is enough to take home initially.’
  • Individual rewards like stickers etc not just class rewards.’
  • Less expensive school photos.

I have sent out an initial (fairly long) letter to parents explaining that I will feedback on all of the issues. Some will be easily answered with information whilst other comments will need some action taken by us. I will feedback a few positives, as well as concerns in our weekly newsletter, over the coming weeks. As well as directly addressing the issues raised by parents through Working Together for Change, their views will go to inform that School Improvement Plan. Next term we will be using Working Together for Change to gather the views of pupils, so that we can act on those, and ensure that they contribute to the School Improvement Plan as well.