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Matthew’s one-page profile on a postcard


Matthew was really excited to be given a blank one-page profile postcard, as it was a new and attractive way of presenting the profile. By that stage, all the children were very familiar with the process, and enjoyed looking back at previous profiles and collecting information for new profiles.

Matthew’s teacher had an innovative way of collecting information for the ‘like and admire’ section. She asked the children to bring in a clean white t-shirt, and the children wrote lovely things about each other on their shirt, as it was being worn. Adults contributed too. The children then took off the t-shirts and were very pleased with the comments. Matthew transferred his favourite comments onto the postcard.

The ‘top tips’ section included comments from parents, teaching assistants, the teacher and the children themselves. The process of asking children to reflect upon their learning needs was very powerful, and as the children developed in maturity so did the levels of self-reflection.

As the children moved up through the school, having them write on the postcards themselves was another important way of making their postcard very personal to them; there is more of a connection to handwriting than to typed text. This format also made updating and revisiting the profile easy to do – nothing needed to be saved and reprinted.

Matthew’s one-page profile postcard – front

Matthew’s one-page profile postcard – back