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Katy Spreckley shares plans for the year at Norris Bank Primary School


Norris Bank have been involved with HSA and their One Page Profile pilot and person centred learning for quite a while now. We started the pilot project small with just our year 2’s and year 6’s creating individual one page profiles and class profiles, ready for their future transition to either key stage 2 or secondary school. Then we developed quite quickly to the whole school approach – all children from reception to year 6.

We recently decided to review the whole process and open a discussion up about what was working and what was not working. It was an interesting meeting with all staff being honest and reflective. Overall the staff, are all in different positions regards to their understanding and feeling confident about the one page profiles. So from their feedback we have decided to prelaunch the purpose of personalised learning and the process of getting good one page profiles. It’s going to be a really exciting time because we have already learnt a lot but we all feel we want to make the profiles become even more successful than they are now!

We are going to start right back at the beginning of our original training as we have got 2 newly qualified teachers who have had no involvement of the profiles before and it will be good for us all to go over the importance and purpose of why, who, what and how the profiles work.

We are then planning to share good examples, the headings involved, putting together the profile, think about ways of how to collect important and relevant information, how we incorporate the profile into the curriculum more.

Our other focus will be looking at how we inform the parents more and help them understand the purpose and principals behind them. Our initial ideas are to run a parent information evening and create an information display ready for our next parents evening/open evenings.

Really looking forward to our future and seeing the impact it will have yet again on our children and staff in school.