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Jack and Chloe’s one-page profiles


Jack and Chloe live with their Mum and Dad in a country town in Australia, where they both attend a local primary school, just one year apart from each other. Chloe and Jack both have Asperger’s Syndrome and Jack also has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Jo was finding it difficult to encourage the school to balance accommodating Jack’s particular needs in the classroom with ensuring that he was still learning and being challenged. Jo had learned that Jack was spending large amounts of time outside the classroom, not learning anything at all. It seemed that Jack was having more and more ‘meltdowns’ at home and at school, and different teachers didn’t seem to consistently understand what was happening for Jack.

Chloe generally gave the impression of everything being okay at school, but would often come home stressed about confusing things that had happened with friends, or worrying about schoolwork that she didn’t understand.

A family member with experience of one-page profiles spent a couple of hours with Jo, her husband, and Jack and Chloe, talking about what made good and bad days for each of the children, and then beginning to tease out what was important to each of them. Jo took all the information home and after looking at a few example profiles, she developed one-page profiles to share with Jack and Chloe’s school. Jack and Chloe’s teachers said that they learned things about each child that they hadn’t known, and reflected that it was helpful to have some quick and simple tips as they worked with each child through the day.

Jack’s one-page profile

Chloe’s one-page profile