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Hannah’s one-page profiles


Hannah did her first one-page profile with her class, when she was in Year 3. She did the ‘appreciation exercise’ in class, and this gave her a list of nine attributes that her friends like and value about her. From these she chose her top three to put in her one-page profile. Her Mum and Dad were asked to write what they love about her, on a one-page template with stars on it (photocopied from the workbook). These ‘appreciations’ were added to her one-page profile.

The teaching assistant in Hannah’s class spent 15 minutes with each child individually to gather the information about what is important to Hannah. The teacher and Hannah’s parents shared (through another worksheet) what they knew about supporting Hannah well. All of this information was typed by a parent volunteer into Hannah’s one-page profile, with a photo of Hannah taken at school. Hannah’s one-page profile was shared with her parents at parents’ evening.

Hannah’s first one-page profile

Hannah’s second one-page profile