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Carol Taylor is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Bebington High Sports College in Wirral


In June 2011, I gained my initial introduction to personalised education when I attended the first two days of a three day course in person-centred approaches in schools.  To say I was enthusiastic would be an understatement, I couldn’t wait to return to school and start planning.

My role in Bebington High Sports College, a co-educational Secondary education based in Wirral, is as a HLTA responsible for the Student Support Centre.  To say this role is multi-layered is an understatement! But in a nutshell, it involves me supporting students across the whole school (11-19) who are experiencing a variety of issues in mainstream classes.

Over the last eighteen months or so, our work has evolved and currently, with the help from appropriate adults in their lives, twelve students have produced One Page Profiles which provide the essential information required to secure a ‘good day’ is had by all the students. These have been extremely well received by all teaching staff and family members.

It was with this in mind, that during this year’s transition programme from Year 6 to Year 7, I decided to trial the One Page Profile using postcards.  Although this was a huge undertaking, I felt it would be helpful to help gather some of the same essential information which could then be passed onto the Form Tutors for them to individually support their students.

The Year 6 pupils attended our school for three separate days over a period of three weeks. The days were organised into a carousel type of learning, each group following a different activity during the day, but each completing all options.  I took each group for one session during the three days and worked on gathering information that could be transferred onto a One Page Profile postcard.  The sessions were both fun and productive.  I used different styles of collecting the information, self-evaluation, peer contributions and group role play, which resulted in some very detailed information for some, but not for all the students. Time was an issue; more sessions would have been useful to enable the students to think more carefully about their contributions to the profiles.

As a first attempt, it worked well. There are definitely some more detailed One Page Profiles Plus to be drawn up in the new academic year and some vital information to be passed on to form teachers regarding their groups – an activity well worth doing, especially to help provide a smooth passage into secondary, from primary.

The new academic year holds greater excitement for us at Bebington High as we have agreed to continue our work by using One Page Profiles to support our KS3 students moving up to KS4.  So, watch this space …….