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Carol Taylor from Bebington High Sports College writes about developing the school’s One Page Strategy


What an exciting but busy start to the new term! Bebington High has now engaged in a pilot scheme to personalise the learning of every student in our school.  This is a five year plan.  Initially, we are focussing on our Year 7 and Year 10 students with the intention to roll it out to whole school in subsequent years.

Having met with the Senior Leadership team to present our action plans, we laid out our requirements for whole staff awareness and training. A meeting with the Governors has been arranged so finalisation of the project is underway.

Our first priority was to draw up a One Page School Strategy which identified what Personalised Education looks like at our school.  There were four categories that needed to have a voice; the Student’s perspective, the Family’s perspective, the Staff’s perspective and the Leadership and Governor’s perspective.  For each of these, there are three areas to be considered and completed; ‘What does success look like’, ‘How we can achieve this using Person Centred Practices’ and ‘How we know how well we are doing in delivering Personalised Education’.

Using our School Prospectus and focussing in on ‘Our Vision’ and ‘Values’, we have generated the guidance for achieving our aims.  During the process, I met with the School Council to ensure that the student’s perspectives were exactly what they expected for their own learning and how they saw the Personal Profiles being of value to their education and overall social and emotional engagement in school. I was careful to ensure that the language used on the One Page Strategy was that of the student’s and their involvement was vital.

The One Page School Strategy is now in its final stages and is ready to be printed.  Once completed, we will share the word via posters around the school so everybody within the school knows the plan, but also families and visitors will see it as raising awareness is a key to its success!

By the end of 2014, every student in Year 7 and 10 will have a One Page Profile.  This will have been produced by the students during Registration time.  The plan is to work with the students over 10 days, 20 minutes per session to develop their own ideas of what’s ‘Important To’ the students and what’s ‘Important For’ the staff to know. Those students will also have produced a record of their hopes, aspirations and achievements; these will be reviewed and updated throughout the year.  10% of those student’s with Education, Health and Care Plans or who are Looked After Children will also have a Person Centred Review.

Although the next few months are very daunting, they are also very exciting. As a school we are extremely looking forward to working together with the students and their families to celebrate the success of using person-centred practices in our school.