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Carol Taylor blogs about the launch of Bebington High Sports College’s One Page Strategy


The Launch of our School One Page Strategy at Bebington High Sports College

March saw the launch to all of our staff, teaching and non-teaching, of our School One Page Strategy.  Now finalised, it looks fantastic and was extremely well received by all who attended.  This is the first whole staff training that has taken place on Person Centred Practice, so Gill Goodwin, and Donna Jones our Assistant Head Teacher and myself set about explaining our very exciting plans for the next five years.

Donna opened the meeting by giving some background information on Person Centred Practice and our role, together with the current SEN Code of Practice ruling on Education Health Care Plans and the role of the One Page Profiles and One Page Profile Plus within that.

New Picture (2)In order to relax the group, especially after a long day of teaching and yet to engage their thinking into issues of ‘importance’, Gill set the staff to work on completing a task.  This involved a shield activity which had been divided up into four categories; ‘dream’, ‘gift’, ‘favourite place’ and ‘favourite music/song’ (see diagram).  This resulted in lots of discussion, the groups being able to establish what things were ‘important’ to themselves and their colleagues, which perhaps they had not realised before.  A useful and enjoyable activity, which could be used when working with a large group or whole class, to help them generate their own One Page Profiles.

We are about to embark on training for our Form teachers during April to enable them to work in form time with our Year 7 and Year 10 students in producing their own One Page Profiles. I felt it was important therefore, for them to know a little of the process involved and the different stages, so Gill explained the differences between the One Page Profiles, One Page Profile Plus and the Education Health Care Plans 0-25.

Next we showed the film, ‘One Page Profiles’.  This shows the positive approaches that have been taken by many schools already and how both teaching staff and the families who have been involved in Person Centred Practice can relate to the positive affect it has had on them so far.

We felt that this was a good time to introduce our One Page Strategy to the staff.  The strategy was shown on a big screen for all the staff to see and I talked them through each category.  I explained how we would like to share this practice with all staff and involve them in producing their own One Page Profiles and showed examples of the profiles already generated with two of our staff. The process has been extremely rewarding and has enabled me to gather information from many different areas about how the school can move forward following this piece of work.  Listening to students and staff alike has given me an insight into what is expected, and the type of support needed to ensure that we all work together to achieve each others personal best.

Over the next couple of weeks we hope to display the One Page Strategy posters around school.  This will allow staff, students, families and the wider community to be able to see exactly what we are undertaking over the next five years.  I had a good response from the teaching staff and offers of help with specific curriculum support, both delivering lessons and ICT for the profiles.  It felt that the majority of staff were on board and this week it was presented to the Governors by our Assistant Head Teacher, Donna Jones.  Hopefully in my next blog I will be able to report back on how the staff training has been received and when the profiles will be completed. Exciting times!