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Barb Swartz- Biscaro works with HSA Canada and Community Living Parry Sound in Ontario


Coaching Young People for Success and One Page Profiles

About the middle of the 2011-2012 school year I sent an invitation to all of the Elementary Schools in our area inviting them to host a visioning day for Grade 8 students. This would include development of a One Page Profile that included a Vision for the upcoming high school years. The response from one Principal was that they were currently involved in completing Module 1 of the Coaching Young People for Success program and would probably not need our workshop but was appreciative of the offer. I was intrigued; what is Coaching Young People for Success and why have I not heard of this? I immediately went to Google and searched for more information. What I found was exciting http://www.coachingyoungpeopleforsuccess.com/ . Coaching Young People for Success is a program, developed in Australia, to assist young people to vision and set goals for their future. I took a chance and asked management at Community Living Parry Sound (my employer) if they would consider paying for me to be trained as a leader in CYPFS. They were very open to that idea; hence I signed up for a two day training session.

The Leaders training led participants through all 4 Modules with a large focus on Module 1; My Life and Career Pathway Plan. I was empowered, inspired and left astonished at how clearly I saw my life and future. It helped me to see my path and put it on paper. The final product led me to action which led me to secure myself into Part Time Associate position with HSA Canada, something Julie Malette I had been tossing around for some time but had left on a back burner. Feeling as motivated as I did I realized that this program is exactly what we need to offer Grade 8 students as part of their Visioning Day. They would continue to develop a High School One Page Profile and use the information gathered in the CYPFS Module 1 to define their vision. The two tools complement each other very well. Over the remainder of the summer months Julie and I will have the opportunity to try this process out and I will be developing a structured training session that we at Community Living will offer to Elementary Schools in September. A partnership with HSA Canada the Near North District School board has been sparked, conversations are occurring and the hope is that the merged One Page Profiles and CYPFS programs becomes regular practice in area schools at the Grade 8 level with follow up through high school.