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Jane Ralphs, Vice-Principal, Oxley Park Academy, Milton Keynes

Over the last two years our school has travelled quite a journey into person-centred thinking. Whilst we have always had a passion to ensure that the child comes first in all decisions, the use of person-centred thinking has given our inclusion practices a great structure, allowing us to focus firmly and confidently on the child, with all decisions centring on the individual’s needs, wishes and dreams rather than on the service availability.  The use of One-Page Profiles, for pupils and staff alike, across the school has been an integral part of our development. Moving forward, our journey continues with the development of personal provision plans for all pupils, the starting and central point for which will be the child’s One-Page Profile.

None of this would have been possible without the support, guidance and encouragement of Helen Sanderson Associates. To have access to such vast knowledge and experience has been invaluable.  As a school we strive always to be the very best we can be and that means accessing the best training, the best practices, the best resources. Helen Sanderson Associates embodies the very best, quality with a capital Q! Their vision and passion is truly inspirational and we are very proud to be associated with a company of such integrity.


Tabitha Smith, Deputy Head Teacher, Norris Bank Primary School, Stockport

Helen Sanderson Associates have been closely involved with us for the past four years, guiding and advising us on our journey towards a more person-centred approach to mainstream education.

Supporting us from the inception of our mission to introduce one-page profiles throughout our school, HSA have provided superb, child-friendly resources that have made the project really work. We have had the benefit of excellent staff training, as well as being given the opportunity for our parents to work alongside HSA staff.

HSA staff have always been there with excellent support, advice and encouragement. They were able to gain a clear picture of the school very quickly, and therefore offer relevant help. No problems went unanswered, with solutions being offered quickly and effectively.

We see it as a great privilege to work with HSA and appreciate everything that they do for us.