Personalising Education


Personalising education is about recognising that every pupil is an individual. By focusing on what matters to each child we can design a school life which responds to their particular needs. This way, each pupil can be taught and supported in the best possible way to ensure they reach their potential and become confident, contributing citizens.

Personalising education is based on person-centred practices. These are a range of practical person-centred thinking tools and practices that are used with pupils, teachers, parents and governors to create a person-centred and personalised culture.

This website aims to be the international hub of what is being learned about personalising education through person-centred practices.Here you will find information and learning from the schools and colleges that are pioneering person-centred practices to personalise education. The website is a rich resource with case studies, papers, blogs from schools and colleges, short films and social media.

The simplest way to start personalising education is with a one-page profile. This straightforward person-centred thinking tool captures what is important to the individual, together with specific detailed information about how to support them, both inside and outside the classroom.

This short film shows how One-Page Profiles can be used in primary and secondary schools as well as in special education and for young people in transition from school to adult life.




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